IMPORTANT: TIUMUN (the organizer) and Tokyo International University CANNOT provide supporting document for delegates who need to apply for a Japanese Visa. This includes the Letter of Invitation or any documents of the same nature. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND BEFORE APPLYING. We appreciate your understanding.

Ticket options

  1. Early Bird Ticket - ¥4000 (Feb 15 - Feb 25): access to pre-conference workshops, MUN@TIU 2019 conference, and social events, lunches, dinners. Early Bird participants are also entitled to the following benefits:

    • 20% discount participation fee. (as shown above)

    • Priority check-in.

    • Exclusive delegate package.

  2. Regular Ticket - ¥5000 (Feb 25 - March 25): access to pre-conference workshops, MUN@TIU 2019 conference and social events, lunches, dinners.

  3. Group Ticket - ¥4000~¥4500 (Feb 25 - March 25): access to pre-conference workshops, MUN@TIU 2019 conference and social events, lunches, dinners. To apply as a group, simply select “Yes” in the group option when filling our your individual registration form. Participants applying as a group are also entitled to the following benefit:

    • 5% cumulative discount for every person you have in the group. Maximum 20% discount:

      • 2-people group: 10% off.

      • 3-people group: 15% off.

      • 4-people group and above: 20% off.

    • Priority group check-in. 

      Important Notes:

      • To be eligible for Group Ticket, participants must be from the same institution. (high school, university, grad school, etc...)

      • Early Bird Ticket is not eligible for group discount.

      • You cannot add new members to your group once you have submitted your registration.

      • All members of the group must complete their own registration form.

  4. Observer Ticket - Free: access to conference and social events. MEALS NOT INCLUDED. Please use the Contact Us form to apply as an observer.


  1. After participants have paid their participation fee above, we will send a confirmation email along with a small questionnaire for country and committee allocation purpose.

  2. Participants will be asked to write short answers regarding the agenda of their interest. Participants would also be able to state their country of preference in the form. The MUN@TIU 2019 Academic Team would then use these answers to assign participants to their country and committee.

Payment Method:

  1. Bank transfer: After submitting your registration form, please give us maximum 3 days to process and send you the confirmation e-mail with payment information.

  2. PayPal*: We are finalizing some details with PayPal. Delegates should be able to use this payment method by the end of February.

Payment Deadline:

  1. Bank Transfer: the deadline for payment is TWO weeks after the date of registration.

  2. Paypal*: TBA. Since we are finalizing this payment method. Delegates wish to use the will have their deadline extended to TWO weeks after our PayPal account is ready!


Any request for cancellation must be made ONE WEEK before the conference AT THE LATEST. Only 50% of the participation fee will be refunded.

Transferring ticket:

  1. Early Bird Ticket: you can transfer your ticket only during the Early Bird period.

  2. Regular Ticket: you can transfer your ticket to another participant within 2 weeks from the date of your registration.

  3. Group Ticket: not eligible.