Introducing the venue: Tokyo International University.

Tokyo International University

Tokyo International University was founded in 1965 with a focus on business and commerce. Upon earning accreditation from the Ministry of Education (MEXT) the college has grown into a private university that now encompasses five undergraduate schools and four graduate schools. In addition, TIU has been a sister school with Willamette University in Salem Oregon since the beginning and has also developed deep relationships with other renowned universities across the globe.

Staying consistently true to its educational philosophy of "nurturing truly international-minded people," TIU is constantly expanding its practice-oriented international education. The University boasts a highly international learning environment: of TIU's approximately 6,500 students, roughly 1,200 are international students from over 60 countries around the world

Kawagoe City

Kawagoe (川越) is located about 30 minutes by train away from central Tokyo and is suitable as a day trip destination. Its main street, lined with Kurazukuri (clay-walled warehouse-styled) buildings, retains a reminiscent of an old town from the Edo Period (1603-1867) and allows us to imagine the streets from past centuries. Thereby, Kawagoe became known as "Little Edo".

During the Edo Period, Kawagoe prospered as a supplier of commodities to Tokyo (then named Edo). As Kawagoe was an important city to the capital for trade and strategic purposes, the shogun (supreme military commanders in feudal Japan ) installed some of their most loyal men as lords of Kawagoe Castle. Close ties ensued between the two cities and over the years, Kawagoe inherited many aspects of the Edo culture and architecture.


Conference Venue

The Conference Room is located in Building 2, third floor, room 232. Delegates will register and leave their luggage for safekeeping before entering the Conference Room. It should be noted that once the process of registration is done, luggage will not be accessible until the end of the day, so delegates should bring everything they need with them. The Social Venue is located at the side of Building 1, on the second floor of the Cafeteria, which takes a short stroll from the Conference Room. Provided lunch and Social Event will occur in this place.


E-Track and E-Plaza

Tokyo International Universityʼs E-Track Program began in 2014 with the primary focus of providing students from all around the world with the opportunity to earn a 4-year Bachelorʼs Degree with majors of Business Economics and International Relations in an all-English curriculum from the heart of Japan. Located on campus 1 on the 1st floor of the library, the English PLAZA is designed as a multipurpose English language learning center. A number of facilities are being created to provide English language assistance to students through guided and autonomous learning programs. Students may consult with a GTI fellow for one-on-one advice or conversation practice, or attend a special seminar taught by a teaching fellow in one of the state-of-the-art seminar rooms in the English PLAZA. Also, students can get one free drink per day in E-PLAZA, from coffee or hot cocoa to ginger tea.

Library are the dream of bookaholics. Located on the second floor of E-PLAZA, our library has various choices of books in both Japanese and English. With huge windows whose view look out to the peaceful scenery of the campus, the library is where students can indulge in their study while also enjoy the beautiful weather outside.