[BASIC series] What is MUN?

What is MUN?

MUN? Moon? Like the moon?
M - Model
U - United
N - Nations
Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations, where participants take the role of country representatives to attend a conference on specific topics and discuss the existing problems around the world as well as develop a set of solution countries can agree upon. 

Are you thinking of roleplay? 
Yes, that is mostly what MUN is.

Who runs the MUN Conference?

In a MUN conference, there are two major roles: the Dais (Chairperson, Vice-chair, Secretary) and the Delegates.

The Chair is not a household compliance, the Chair is the one who controls the flow of debate and procedure of the conference. Like a moderator, the Chair would make sure that the timeline of the conference is guaranteed and its goal is well carried out.
The Delegate is the representatives of their assigned country or the country they chose to represent. On attending the conference, they bring up the issues affecting their country’s development and sustainability and together they discuss, share ideas and policies, eventually reaching a compromise on how to solve these issues.

The range of participant can be the institution’s own students, in case of a campus-wide MUN; while in the case of international MUN conferences, delegates can come from a variety of nationalities. 

What happens in a MUN conference?

Debates, arguments, any forms of discussion are welcomed in MUN. Before a conference, participants do research about their representing country, then write down their countries' stance and situation, domestic law, current policies, relationship with their neighbor about the issues, even any remark made by their political head or leader in a position paper. Then at the conference, they deliver opening speeches to clarify their country stances and create first impressions for the purpose of forming future allies. After that come the debates and discussions to solve issues that aimed to formulate a resolution, which is the ultimate goal of a MUN conference. At the end of the conference, delegates who have distinguished themselves in each committee will be recognized and given award certificates.

Beside from their knowledge of the United Nations and International Relations, delegates are also expected to compete and show their leadership, critical thinking skills, and teamwork abilities. Even though the eligibility for participants varies depending on the organizing institution, normally, anyone who enjoy researching, public speaking and debating, can take part in Model United Nations.