Group Reservation

  1. Please decide on who will be in your group before reserving. You cannot add new members once reservation is submitted.
  2. Please make sure all members complete this form by themselves with the following fields being the same: (1) Number of members in the group, (2) Group Name, and (3) Affiliation.
  3. Only members with the same affiliation (high school, university, organizations, MUN branch, etc...) are eligible for group reservation.
  4. We will only send out the Confirmation Email once all members of the group have submitted their reservation form.
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Please brainstom with your group members and decide on a cool name for your group that stands out from the crowd!
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Your Name
Your current school/department, your current MUN branch, your organization, etc...
For bank transfer, please give us maximum 3 days to process and send you the confirmation e-mail with payment information.
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1. TIUMUN CANNOT apply for a Japanese Visa for participants. 2. TIUMUN CANNOT supply a Letter of Invitation or any official documents of the same nature. 3. Participants MUST apply for the VISA process themselves.