Good News! Updates on payment policy.


Hello again! This is TIUMUN Admins with some announcements regarding our payment policies that you must not miss.

A few days ago, we announced that the university cannot provide any visa support for delegates wishing to attend from overseas, including letters of invitation or any other official documents. Once again, we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience.

However, after careful consideration, our teams at TIUMUN would like to notify you of some updates to our policies in order to accommodate our participants:

  1. First, we are now accepting Cash-on-arrival as a payment method. All participants can choose to pay at the reception desk when they arrive at MUN@TIU 2018 Venue. This policy specifically gears toward participants from abroad who might have troubles transferring money to Japan, or those who might have difficulty applying for visa. We believe it is unfair for you to have your money in our pocket while not receiving VISA support from us. You heard it right. TIUMUN will shoulder all financial costs of running this conference in advance, and you can pay us later after you have arrived safely at our venue.
  2. To facilitate this new policy, we kindly ask all participants who have reserved to Click Here and send us a message if you would like to pay by cash instead.
  3. The deadline for bank transfer is still 2 weeks after your reservation date if you still want to use bank transfer.

Moving on, next week's newsletter will bring you the exciting announcement of our keynote speaker.Stay tuned as this news will surely pique your interests.

Should you would like to contact us, we now advise you to send us a message through our Facebook group Here. This channel will allow us to communicate with you in real time and answer any of your questions promptly.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you in July.

TIUMUN Administration