May 17 Newsletter: Keynote Speaker Announcement, New Payment Option, and other updates

Hello again from Saitama!

It has been more than a week since the last newsletter, but worry not, the delay was due to the sheer size of this week's update. It will be worth the wait!

First, we are announcing our special keynote speaker for MUN@TIU 2018: Mr.Tsuneo Nishida - Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations during the 2010-2013 period.


Our Keynote Speaker

"The world in 2018 is different to what it was in 1945 when the United Nations was founded. In the current global environment, the questions of whether or not the United Nations is an effective organization continues to attract heated debate. Find out the answer with the insights from the person who knows it best at  MUN@TIU 2018!"

Second, as we have announced a few days earlier, delegates can now opt to pay by cash when they arrive at the venue. We made this change to accommodate our participants coming from abroad who might have difficulty with bank transfer or who might be hesitant due to their VISA process. Second, this change is also a symbol to show our commitment to delivering this conference, that we will not take any money in advance until delegates have arrived and witnessed the final product of our preparation. We hope that this news will help those who are still on the edge! Find out more here.

Lastly, we bring you several updates regarding to the state of the conference so far:

  1. The countries list is now available. You can check out which countries will take part in the debate on our website now. Note: more countries to be added as we get closer to the conference.
  2. We have received 34 individual reservation and 3 group reservations of 19 delegates in total. This make the total of reserved spots to be 53! Remember that MUN@TIU 2018 only open for 80 delegates. Act fast and reserve your spot now!
  3. VISA, visa, visa. As we have repeatedly announced, TIUMUN cannot provide letter of invitation or act as your guarantor as we are not an independent organization but an affiliated club of Tokyo International University. Therefore, we strongly recommend participants to research on VISA policies before applying for the conference.

That's it for this week! We hope you are having a great time. Drink lots of water and stay healthy. See you again shortly for more updates.

TIUMUN Admins.