The Teams




The administration division is the team in charge for registration, storing delegate databases, and the ones who will tackle every question, and inquiries by delegates in a quick and clear manner. The administration division is the one delegates should encounter firsthand regarding information about the venue, the surrounding location, Kawagoe itself or anything about the conference. Our main goal is to ensure every delegate is having an enjoyable and unforgettable experience in our conference as we stated in our vision.


The academic division is in charge of devising topics, creating content, and providing guidance to the conference. Members of this department are the leaders and advisors to delegates prior to and during the three-day conference. Our endeavors focus on helping delegates achieve a comprehensive understanding of the issue through background guides among other documents, managing the proceedings of the committee, and ensuring the fluidity of the debates and discussions.

SOcial Event

The social events division focuses on getting participants active and going! We are also responsible for creating a strong bond between the delegates and the committee members throughout the events which have been inclusively designed. Our main goal is to make fun activities that not only encourage strong friendships, but also strong leaders with great interpersonal skills.


The logistics division is responsible for preparing materials and facilitating a smooth-running experience for all participating delegates. We are the backbone of the entire operations behind the conference. Our team aspires to ensure the high standards we set for the conference to be ultimately achieved. 


The creative division is responsible for the assembly of all the visual and interactive elements pertaining to the conference. In other words, we are the guys who designed all of our PR content, including this website! Our main goal is to ensure the colossal efforts made by the TIUMUN team are suitably reflected through everything we share to the world.