Tokyo International University

A gateway to the world 

While founded back in 1965, TIU only began providing English courses in 2014, and it has already established a diverse campus community. With students from over 60 different countries, it was only natural for TIU to become a place for global discussion to flourish - there is no shortage of culture on campus. From Halloween and Tanabata to game nights and calligraphy seminars, there is never a dull moment on and around campus. One of our most famous events is the yearly International Fair, where students set up food and culture booths and all proceeds are donated to charity. With a sprawling presence of multinational culture, Campus 1 of TIU will make for an outstanding MUN conference in 2018. 

Kasumigaseki-eki, kawagoe

Our second home

The TIU campus is situated in the peaceful city of Kasumigaseki-Kawagoe, two stops away from Kawagoe station. Many TIU students begin their lives in Japan residing in its local dorms, turning it into a melting pot of different cultures coinciding along with the locals. Rest assured, it is a very safe and comfortable environment and fellow students would be delighted to show newcomers in and around town. 


The Tokyo International University Model United Nations Club first started as a circle for International Relations and Business major students to come together after school and learn more about the operations of the United Nations. After members of the club began participating in national conferences, the leaders saw this as an opportunity to advance towards the club's true potential. After becoming an official TIU varsity club, members became feverishly ambitious to showcase their diverse set of strengths to the world. Club activities intensified and sessions were extended. The stakes were high. Efforts paid off. Out of the 4 conferences students of TIUMUN have attended in the past year, all 4 of them awarded members with various awards. Practice really does make perfect! The members of TIUMUN are looking forward to translating these achievements into an exceptional conference that raises the bar.   

Messages from the people

Bastian cutout-01.png
The club is very close to my heart. [TIUMUN is] a diverse, vibrant, and also, friendly community in which everybody can develop their skills. Also, being able to participate in international conferences and representing TIU is something everybody can be proud of because the club is the [representative that] competes against and connects with other universities across Japan and the globe. It has shown much potential, and it will continue to flourish and grow with its outstanding members in the future. There is no doubt about that!
— Bastian Harth, Former TIUMUN President, current graduate student at the University of Sheffield
Ichi Cut-01.png
Throughout my years with the TIUMUN family, I have grown with the club, built long-lasting relationships and developed vital skills for [the future]. By participating in its activities, I also got to connect with people from other universities and those outside Japan. I am very excited for the first MUN conference hosted by TIUMUN and hope both the organisers as well as the participants will enjoy this event, make new friends and gain invaluable experiences from it.
— Woradon "Ichi" Yomjinda, Former TIUMUN Vice President, current graduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science
BW Cutout-01.png
Our Model United Nations Club is not only a place where these brilliant students can engage in academic activities, it is also a second home for them. Members of TIUMUN devote their efforts to the club not just for self-development or the glory of recognition, but because they love what they are doing, as delegates, as friends, and as ambitious students stepping outside the comfort zones of their home countries. This is what makes them different. MUN@TIU 2018 will be the next “playground” for these young spirits, and I hope that they will be joined by other kindred spirits for a wonderful 3-day event.

— Dr. Thomas Blackwood, TIUMUN Advisor.