Thank you for your prompt payment and congratulation on making one more step closer to MUN@TIU 2019!

Please help us allocate the best country and committee to your preference by completing this short questionnaire. If you are not sure which committee and country to pick, please check out our Agenda and Blog for more information.

Keep in mind the following points before you begin:

  1. Your participation in this questionnaire will help us organize the committees in a way that ensure the best experience for you and other delegates.

  2. We advise you to complete the questionnaire using a computer since there are some questions that requires typing.

  3. Please understand that we can neither guarantee your preferred committee or country due to the number of delegates.

  4. The deadline for the questionnaire submission is as followed:

    • Early Bird Delegate: March 22nd

    • Regular/Group Delegate: April 14th

  5. If miss the deadline for this questionnaire, you will receive a random country and committee.

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