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Our Pricing Options

What are my options to join MUN@TIU 2019 as a delegate?


5000 Yen

The basic ticket for individuals wishing to participate in MUN@TIU 2019 as a delegate. Apply now and prepare for an exciting summer!


4000 Yen

On top of the 20% discount, early bird delegates are entitled to priority check-in as well as other exciting benefits. Only 20 early bird tickets are available until Feb 25.


4000-4500 Yen*

For friends who wish to join MUN@TIU together, a group ticket is the perfect choice. For every person in the group, group ticket holders will enjoy 5% off. Moreover, they will also enjoy priority group check-in at the venue.

* Check our ticket policies for more information.


Why you should participate in MUN@TIU 2019


an Experienced organizing team

MUN@TIU 2019 is hosted by a team of award-winning MUNners. Having participated in high-level MUN conferences in Japan and around the world as organizers, TIUMUN team understand more than anyone what makes a successful MUN conference. Allow us to demonstrate it to you this summer.


become a better delegate

Chaired by an experienced dais, MUN@TIU 2019 provides you the environment to grow as a delegate. Through our three-day conference, you will master MUN rules and procedures, enhance your diplomatic skills, and developing your knowledge on the topics being discussed. Let’s start your journey now!

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Fun at social event

Have fun with bonding games and enjoy the party organized by our social event team! This will be the opportunity to have a good time with new friends and recharge your batteries after heated debates whiling enjoying delicious dishes and plenty of drinks to celebrate an unforgettable MUN conference.


form valuable connection

We assess our conference based on the number of friendships it foster. Through MUN activities, our conference seeks to provide an ideal platform for students across Japan and around the world to connect and form valuable friendships. Make your summer a memorable event this year with MUN@TIU 2019!

MUN@TIU 2018 was the perfect combination of learning new things while having fun and making a lot of new friends. I hope conferences like it will be held more and more by the TIUMUN team in the up coming years.
— Shreyas Atre, "Love Saitama" Ambassador for India and current student at Saitama University. Delegate at MUN@TIU 2018